Hope is the Thing with Feathers Series / Joyce Vincent Photography

I generally work alone. I’m not the most social person. I’m in my head a lot. Bringing others into my creative process usually stresses me out or makes me feel strangely blank and frozen in place. I know that makes me sound awful and fairly crazy but I think it’s just who I am for better or worse. I’d really like to branch out and bring others into what I do. So I recently took a baby step.

A few weeks back I asked my Facebook fans a few seemingly useless questions, the answers to which inspired a series. The questions were simple and left me with the following themes to work with: blue, water, hope, and there was a tie between the numbers 3 & 4, TWICE. So I decided to use both. I ended up with a series of four images, each having an element of “3” in there somewhere.

Feet of Clay

You’re probably here because you participated and/or saw the images I posted and want to know what became of all of this. I usually hesitate to go into the reasons behind anything conceptual I create because I really hate dictating a meaning. Ever since I started shooting things that mean something to me personally, I prefer to keep that to myself. I am a visual person and I suck at explaining my thoughts which is why I create images! If someone feels a certain way about an image I create, I want it to become theirs as well as mine. Think for a second about a song that is meaningful to you for one reason or another. Chances are, it means something different to he/she/the group who wrote it. Maybe it’s the same, maybe not. I like to keep my meanings to myself and invite my audience to create their own meanings (and I love to hear different interpretations!). In this case, other people were involved in the process. I feel I owe it to those who inspired the series to give my thoughts behind it this time. So I waited until I released all the images and now that I have, I can unleash my intentions.


The overall theme of this series was inspired by one of my fans answers: hope. It starts off in a literal and figural dark place but ends in one of hope and light. The idea that we all have inner demons that we just can’t let go of is what started it all. There are inherently crappy things about all of us that run in our veins – inner demons we unfortunately can’t just cut out with a proverbial knife. But the idea behind this series is not an attempt to completely cut out those parts of ourselves. It’s about recognizing them, accepting them, and moving onward with them, but not allowing them to envelop our world and dictate our lives.

Tainted Marrow

This series is about recognizing, embracing, and learning to live life with our demons in our back pocket instead of riding on our backs, pulling our hair, and weighing us down.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers

I could go on or break down each image itself but I think you get the gist. (Here I go again not wanting to disclose all my true intentions!) Thanks for sticking through the long post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the images or the series as a whole. Maybe you took something completely different from it. I’d truly love to hear your interpretations. Leave a comment below or send me a message directly if you prefer to keep things between us.



Great series. Enjoyed the images immensely. Whatever creative process your using is working! It must be fun to experiment, and see what fruits the process produces 🙂

Thank you! It is a lot of fun to play around and make interesting images.

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