1928 Colonial – Professional Real Estate Photography vs Agent Pictures

I wanted to share a set of photos today that show the difference my photos can make in showing a property at it’s best. This red brick colonial was completely remodeled and the agent wanted to really show it off. She had already taken her own photos, which you’ll see below in comparison to the ones I made for her. In her defense, she told me that she was completely aware that her photos were not doing the property justice. And hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step.

So without further adieu, here is the agents first exterior:

Below is my own take on a similar angle. My image gives a better sense of the yard and the neighborhood. (No, you don’t want to highlight a dumpy house across the street but in this case the houses are well kept.) My image shows more of the great landscaping features and old trees on the property. Of course, good exposure is key.

Next up, the front hall that boasts completely redone stairs. The to-die-for dark stained hardwoods sadly just fade to black in the agents original photo.

In my interpretation of the space,  I wanted to show the gorgeous stairs but also how they related to the rest of the house so that a buyer would get a sense of the bigger picture (no pun intended). And hey, closet space? In a 1928 colonial? Can you say selling feature?!

Here we have a large living space with a great original fireplace that nicely ties the exterior in with the interior.

And here’s my take on it. The agent added some stacked wood, which was a nice touch. And those drool-worthy floors aren’t fading to black anymore with proper lighting and exposure.

(Side note: this space could really benefit from some staging to help buyers truly see the size and use of the space. I’m currently looking into virtual staging which I’ll soon be offering for clients who don’t have a budget for the real thing. Stay tuned.)

The final comparison I wanted to share from this house was the completely remodeled kitchen. Here is the agents attempt:

And below is my take on a similar angle. I always strive to show spaces as they relate to others in the house so that a buyer has a sense of where they are as opposed to seeing disjointed room after disjointed room. Seeing that hallway door, paired with the image above of the front hallway, hopefully clicks in a buyers head as to where they are “standing” when flipping through a listing. As always, proper lighting and color balance is so important.So hopefully these comparisons show you exactly why I do what I do. With more than 90% of buyers using the internet to look for a home these days, you need your listings to wow them right off the bat. The last thing you want is a buyer thinking the house is darker, dirtier, less structurally sound, or just plain uglier than it truly is because you have bad listing photos. Marketing is second only to proper pricing and great marketing begins with professional photography. If you realize your pictures aren’t as good as they should be, as this savvy agent did, then contact me to shoot your next listing. Ask about my guaranteed shoot if you’re unsure.

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