Hi guys! I’m Joyce, an architectural photographer and commercial stock artist based in Central Massachusetts. I have a need for structure as much as I have an affinity for disorder so naturally I focus in two very different types of photography. This spectrum isn’t for everyone but I think it’s awesome to get to do what I love, my way.

I studied at the Worcester Art Museum and Worcester State University as well as less structured institutions like…the internet! My images have been used by clients such as Cat Fancy Magazine, New Balance, Boston Magazine, GE, PBS, Timberland, various book publishers and self published authors alike just to name a few.

When I’m not creating images, rubbing my watery eyes from forgetting to blink whilst editing or performing general adult duties like food shopping and cleaning the toilet, you may find me dreaming up home improvement projects, gardening, DIYing something random, or just curled up on the couch with my husband, my giant cat and a movie.

I also like wine and long walks on the beach at night. No seriously. I do.