Holden Home Modernizing Renovation

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing the end results of a massive renovation project taken on by Holden Home Modernizing based in Holden, Massachusetts. I captured the final “after” photos for Chronos Creative who produced a video documenting the entire process from start to finish à la This Old House. I wanted to share some of the staggering before and after photos with you.

This property was falling apart at the seams when the owner purchased it. The landscape was overgrown and the house itself was in bad shape to put it mildly. She loved the adjacent pond and beautiful setting and saw potential. So she enlisted the services of Holden Home Modernizing to bring her vision to life. Check out these before and after renovation photos that document the drastic change. (Click on the images to view a little larger than pictured.)

The overgrown trees and brush were cleaned up and replaced by all new landscaping. A lot of the stone that was excavated in the process was used in the landscaping. You can barely tell this is the same house!

The deck on the back of the house is what initially lured the owner in. But in the state it was purchased, it was unsafe to even walk on it. It had to be knocked down and completely rebuilt.

The interior was almost completely gutted. They saved what could be saved and cleaned up like it was new again, fixing mold, foundation, and structural issues in the process. Windows, doors, walls, and floors were replaced and all new electrical service and state-of-the-art utilities installed. I told you it was a big project.

I couldn’t believe the transformation that this property went through. So much of the character of the original home was retained but it now has all the updates that make it safe as well as beautiful.

One final fun fact – the owner had bought the property with the intention of selling it. After all was said and done, she threw a party to thank everyone who worked on the project. At that celebration, she revealed to everyone that she had fallen in love with the home and was moving herself in! True story. I can’t think of anything more rewarding for those who worked on this project. I’d call that a success and a job well done.

Are you a builder or contractor who works on projects like this – however big or small? I’d love to help you document the amazing work you do and shoot your “after” photos. Get in touch today at my contact page and let’s get started.

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